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The Blue Sunsets of Mars

by Shiryu

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Blue Rising 07:15
Elysium Mons 06:02
Eunostos 05:15
Olympus Mons 05:04
Blue Descent 08:14


The fourth planet of our solar system has from ancient times been cause of wonder and myth in the History of Mankind. Named after the Roman god of war, Mars remains both the stepping stone and the huge mountain we must climb in order to evolve beyond our single planetary civilization. It will quite probably not happen during my lifetime, but like many before, I too dream of the red planet and it's blue sunsets. Why blue, you might wonder. The same reason why on Earth our sunsets are reddish: light scattering. When light from our Sun hits the gases on our atmosphere, they scatter and blue light travels the shortest wavelength. This is why our sky on Earth is blue. On Mars, the atmospheric composition is different and light spreads differently, in fact Mars atmosphere is only about 1% the thickness of Earth's. So when reaching the horizon, the blue light continues to scatter much closer to the sun in it's setting position, giving out the illusion of the Sol becoming blue. We know this because of photos taken by the Opportunity rover on Mars. It was schedule to deploy for 90 Martian days (about 92.5 Earth days) when it landed back in January 25, 2004, but it is still operational today, well over 4000 days later. One day eventually Human eyes will witness that phenomenon, as well as unimaginable places like Olympus Mons and Valles Marineris. But until that time comes, we better learn how to take better care of our own planet, because let's face it: It's a mess and it's a mess we made. While I hope for better days to come for our species, I hope you enjoy this percussion-less ambient/chill-out LP inspired by that reddish planet, just one of many thousands of light specs in our night sky. Hope you enjoy!


released April 10, 2015


all rights reserved



Shiryu Lisbon, Portugal

Raised playing video games and listening to electronic music, it's no wonder this turned out to be my favourite hobby.

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